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March 03, 2020

Private Aptlet Boards and More!

We’ve made Aptlets easier to use and custom to you. Now you can create private aptlet boards or invite specific team members to access including vendors outside of Aptly. And we didn’t stop there!

Check out the video for more details.

We enhanced the overall Aptlet experience including:

  • A new Aptlet Dashboard with custom views
  • Ability to create a blank board
  • Option to create a private board just for you, or invite specific team members to access including outside vendors
  • Enhanced activity stream
  • Custom board settings including title, color, icon and description
  • Inline edits for card fields in table view
  • Quick links to boards in left hand column
  • Quick action items to invite teammates, filter, see recent activity and access settings and integrations for each board
  • Add due dates and assign teammates to sub tasks
  • Color coded stages

The overall Aptlet experience will be easier to navigate so you can get work done faster.

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