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March 24, 2020

Message Preview Enhancements

We’ve jazzed up the message preview column in your Aptly inbox. Our updates include enhancing the user interface, bulk select feature, mobile experience and overall speed of the message preview column.

Our updates include:

  • Quickly see new calls or text messages with the new subject line, “Call from (phone number)” or “SMS from (phone number).”
  • Identify if there’s a comment or attachment on the thread with icons.
  • If you’ve set up a response time expectation, see how long a recipient has been waiting on a reply with red text stating, “Waiting X hours.”
  • Bulk select messages by clicking the avatar, or holding Shift + the up and down arrow keys. Now, you can bulk select as many messages as you’d like.

Our updates on mobile include:

  • Swipe right to delete a message
  • Swipe left until you see green to archive a message
  • Swipe left until you see grey to select an action like reply, reply all, forward, flag or junk.

Here’s a preview of the new mobile experience:

emoji negtive reaction emoji neutral reaction emoji positive reaction
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